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Supporting Vets. Supporting Families.

Our government has failed our vets in seemingly every turn. They are always there for us, we need to step up and be there for them. trains American veterans for green energy transportation jobs.


What We Do

The electric vehicle industry is exploding; electric cars, electric airplanes, hydrogen energy, fuel cells, glass lithium ion batteries, VTOL, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, robotic aircraft and drones are putting a dent in the future.

Our programs help veterans get a jump start in these industries with development, design, maintenance and repair of advanced transportation cleantech systems.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to support our troops with access to clean tech education. The advancement of electric transportation, artificial intelligence and automation will require unique skill sets. We believe veterans will be a perfect fit for this new industry.

Become a Sponsor. Get Involved.

We appreciate all our donors and sponsors but the more people involved the better our programs will be. 

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Training Vets

9530 Hageman Rd Ste B #174
Bakersfield CA 93312

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