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Without you, we would not have been able to operate these past eighteen years. Our sister charity, Books For Soldiers has delivered more than $30 million in aid to our soldiers serving abroad.

Now for this new challenge for 2020, we seek to train vets to design, develop, maintain and repair green EV vehicles, including hydrogen powered aircraft that emits only water.


About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Funds used for are spent on tooling, workshop space, instructors, lab equipment, EV cars and renewable fuel, experimental aircraft for vets to get real life experience with these systems. Successful veterans will gain enough experience to sit for the FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration) Airframe and Powerplant written, oral and practical exam, earning the vet a certificate to work and maintain these complex aerospace systems.

Green Transportation Basics

Developing, designing, maintenance and rapair of cleantech vehicles have several common operational technologies. Training on all these commonalities are offered.

Avionics, Flight Controls, Propellers

Traditional aerospace systems will be part of the training regimen. Fixed and constant speed props, modern glass cockpits as well as GPS autopilot systems will be covered.

Glass LI-ion, Super capacitors, inverters

Modern EV energy storage systems require new specialized training to repair and operate safely. These systems contain massive amount of energy and caution should always be the first item on the training list.

Superconductors, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen

The newest, bleeding edge technologies routinely show up in both automotive EVs and aerospace EVs. Room temperature superconductive electric motors and hydrogen fuel cells are the future of EVs. Workers with skills in these areas are non-existant. Time to change that.

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Training Vets

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